Moving Toward the Future of Scholarly Publishing

Publication Process Overview

AFRO PWW has already kicked off the first phase of our project by reaching out to black studies scholars from around the country. We are now planning workshops designed to introduce scholars to the software packages available through our project. If you want to get involved, please do any or all of the following:

  • Attend our workshops or webinars. See our Incubation Workshops for events near you!
  • Contact a member of the Outreach Team
  • Meet with our publications and IT specialists.

AFRO PWW Publication Workflow: Initial Consultation, Development, Production, Peer Review, and Publication AFRO PWW Publication Process

After an initial consultation, you may be ready to submit a project proposal or attend a software introduction workshop. Project development will be the next stage after the introduction workshops. During any and all stages of development, you will benefit from the expertise of our IT staff.

Instructions for Completing Digital Publishing Proposals

Please include the following information in your 2-page, single-spaced proposal:

  • Overview of your project's subject matter, argument, and methodology
  • Similar publications in the field
  • Anticipated readership