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DC Public Library Incubation Workshop

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On June 15, 2018, the DC Public Library (DCLP) hosted AFRO PWW's fourth incubation workshop. We are grateful for DCPL director Richard Reyes-Gavilan and executive officer Gary Romero for working with us on especially short notice to help insure the workshop was a success. Special thanks to D. Kamili Anderson, a member of DC Public Libraries' Board of Library Trustees, for her work on the project and inspiring words of welcome. In her address, Anderson explained the ways in which DCPL is a central access point for materials, both physical books and digital resources, for all of the District of Columbia's communities. The enthusiastic workshop participants included authors, curators, and librarians from the District of Columbia and from outside the DC Metropolitan area, including Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. AFRO PWW is excited about the roll it plays in promoting collaboration between authors, curators, and librarians for digital publishing projects that focus on access to and distribution of African American historical and cultural resources.

This Is My Century: The Life and Legacy of Margaret Walker

The Margaret Walker Center
Jackson State University
Robert Luckett

The Margaret Walker Center is working with the AFRO PWW project in order to build an Omeka-S database from their digitized archive of Margaret Walker material and construct digital exhibits.

The Digital Inclusion Network (DigIN)

Department of English
University of Kansas
Maryemma Graham

More information on this exciting partnership with the University of Kansas English Department and the University of Illinois Department of African American Studies is coming soon!

This organization was founded in 2003 by library faculty and staff from more than 100 HBCUs around the country. AFRO PWW looks forward to partnering with the HBCU Library Alliance for an incubation workshop in the Atlanta area in the middle of 2018.

Fire!!! was the first and remains currently the only multimedia online journal dedicated to Black Studies. AFRO PWW has partnered with Fire!!! in order to provide our participants with yet another opportunity to publish their scholarship.